Meet Jill Linta

Jill Linta is running for the Pennsylvania House District 106, covering Hershey, Hummelstown, Middletown and surrounding areas.

More and Better Jobs

Wages have stagnated. Job opportunities for our kids are scarce. Jill will work with the public and private sectors to create and retain well-paying jobs in the district.

Supporting Our Schools

The key to a brighter future for our kids is high-quality, well-funded schools. Jill is committed to improving the state funding level and formula for funding our schools.

Improving Healthcare

Jill wants to improve access to and affordability of healthcare in the Pennsylvania 106 House district.


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Campaigns are expensive and our opponent is well-funded. We can use donations in any amount. Please support electing a candidate who will change Harrisburg, Jill Linta.


To win in November, our grass roots campaign will need the help of volunteers, willing to knock on doors, stuff envelopes, make phone calls and be a force multiplier for Jill.

The Pennsylvania 106th House District