The property tax system in Pennsylvania must be reformed. It’s an inequitable and regressive system for funding our public schools.

However, I reject the proposal for reform of the property tax system proposed by my opponent Tom Mehaffie and his Republican colleagues in Senate Bill 76.

  • The Republican plan will raise your state personal income tax by 61%, from 3.07% to 4.95%.
  • The Republican plan will raise your sales taxes by a minimum of 17%, from 6% to 7% and extend the sales tax to essential items such as daycare, diapers, caskets, certain legal services, funeral home services, certain foods plus many other items not now taxed.
  • The Republican plan will shift the tax burden for funding schools from corporations to families.
  • The Republican plan will take local control from school boards and place it in a state-run board.

I support a common-sense approach to reforming Pennsylvania’s property tax system according to the following principals:

  • Provides adequate funding for Pennsylvania’s public schools.
  • Maintains local autonomy and control.
  • Provides property tax relief to those most burdened by the tax, such as the elderly and low-income homeowners.

I will work with Governor Wolf in the coming legislative session to see that such a common-sense plan is developed and passed by the General Assembly.